Monday, April 30, 2012

Printable Mom's Chore Chart

I used to clean my house when it was dirty.  If I saw something that needed cleaned, I cleaned it.  If laundry needed done, I did it.  Or I would save it all up for one day of the week and knock out all the housecleaning in a particular day.  The system worked just fine until I had a kid.  Then I had another kid and this system definititely didn't work anymore! I no longer have the luxury of stopping whatever I'm doing to clean whenever I want or devoting a whole day to cleaning. I needed to have a system where I did a little something every day, and never had to worry about getting bogged down with laundry and cleaning.  Since my kids are still a little too young to take on some of the responsibilty, I made myself a chore chart! Everyday, I have one thing to clean and one load of laundry to do.  There are also some things that have to be done daily, like dishes and sweeping. You may need to change some things to fit your house, but this is what works for me. This gets the whole house cleaned on a weekly basis and even gets the sheets washed on a weekly basis!  I'm actually excited to clean my house now...I'm thinking I need to add a place for stickers :)
Click here to print Mom's Chore Chart!
Click here to print Mom's Chore Chart - Blank Version

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Double Waterfall Twists

Loving the newest hairstyle from My Yellow Sandbox.  Abby has totally inspired me to take better care of my hair and to try new things other than my usual straightened down or ponytail. This one doesn't even require braiding! Just take two strands and twist - dropping a piece of hair down and through the two strands before each twist.  Then repeat lower on the head- hence, the double part.
Thanks sister for being a beautiful model!

Primary Manual 2 Lesson 14

The last time I tried a board game, it was pretty much a catastrope, so this time I'm going to divide the class into teams - it will go faster, laminate the game board and use magnets to hang it on the chalkboard.  Then, I'm going to use colored strips of paper (held up by magnets) as the pieces.  That way everyone is not hovering over a piece of paper and pushing or bumping the game board.  Since Elder Pinegar's letter is pretty long, I'm going to hand out each child an envelope with the letter in it and have them follow along.
Lesson 14 Lesson Card by Sugardoodle
Elder Pinegar's Letter
Color Gameboard by Michelle Barton
Game questions by Linda Kile

Yum-Mo Fried Rice

I found this very simple fried rice recipe - like so simple, even I couldn't mess it up.  We had it tonight with our porkchops and it was so yummy!  I thought all fried rice recipes were created equal, but this one called for the special sauce - Sesame oil.  Who knew? I had never heard of sesame oil, but thankfully there was some in my sister's pantry :) My house smelled like a great japanese hibachi grill and even the head honcho went back for seconds.  This will definitely be on the side dish rotation from now on. Here's the final product - half eaten.  It was half gone before I had a chance to snap a picture. 

Sesame Oil - Since I shopped in sister's pantry, I'm not sure where you would find this, but I'm assuming the Asian food section in most supermarkets would have it.