Saturday, May 12, 2012


We got to babysit this little cutie tonight! Doesn't he look great in a pink bouncer!  My sister just had her first little boy and we are so excited to finally have a cousin.  My girls love him, and the fact that they live two houses down means we get to see this guy a lot.  Since my husband works such long hours (hence, the all day mom), it's nice to have family so close.  This is Anna Kate's new "cheese" face and she currently LOVES to take pictures.  She is constantly striking poses and asking us to "cheese please?"  Why was she not going through this phase when we had family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago?!?  I think that might have been what inspired this stage actually.  Speaking of stages,  what were some of your kid's funniest stages?  Any that you are so glad was just a stage? Please Share!

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  1. I have never seen a little more adorable little boy. So far his funniest stage has been when he is startled and makes crazy eyes!