Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May - 31 things to do with your toddler

Happy May! Pick one of the activities below to do each day for some awesome quality time spent with your child.

1. Get creative with bubble blowing....and popping!

2. Play in a sprinkler or pool.

3. Have a sack race, indoors or outdoors.

4. Family game night! Kids pick the game!

5. Make a Mother's Day craft. Click here for ideas.

6. Bake something together.

7. Put "I love you" notes in all the places you know your child will be. Bathroom mirror, pillow, refrigerator, toy bin...

8. Fill some balloons with water and food coloring and let them pop them in the bath. See this post.

9. Start the bedtime routine 15 minutes earlier and read a couple extra books.

10. Play a pretend game, such as doctor. See this post.

11. Make a bird feeder. Take an empty toilet paper tube and spread peanut butter all round the outside edge of the tube. Roll the peanut butter tube in bird seed. Cut a piece of yarn that is about 12 inches long. Attach it to each end of the tube to make a way to hang the tube onto a tree. Watch for the birds to come!

12. Go on a picnic at the park.

14. Stay in your pajamas all day, watch movies, pop some popcorn, and cuddle.

15. Fill some balloons with helium and put them in your child's room while he's sleeping. He'll wake to a nice surprise!

16. Turn up the music and dance!

17. Have an ice cream taste test. Yum!

18. Make mudpies.

19. Camp out in the back yard, under the stars, at least for a little while.

20. Play traditional birthday party games...without the birthday party, like pin the tail on the donkey.

21. Play dress up. Take pictures!

22. Work on a scrapbook together.

23. Check out this awesome slip -n- slide! Make this, or your own version, and have some slippery fun!

24. Too rainy out? Here are tons of rainy day activities for toddlers. Pick one!

25. Want to paint without the mess? Check out this no-mess marble painting!

26. Build a fort and have lunch in it.

27. Visit a pond or lake. Catch frogs. Go fishing. Ride the paddle boats. Have fun!

28. Go on a nature hike or walk.

29. Don't step on the lava! Make a path of pillows and cushions and have the kids jump from one to the other, being careful not to step on the floor (lava).

30. Make big cars out of a cardboard boxes. Have the kids sit inside the boxes, cut holes for their legs and let them use their feet as wheels to move around.

31. Play red-light, green-light. Play this with #30. It is so fun!

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