Saturday, May 12, 2012

Primary Manual 2 - Lesson 17

When the kids enter, I am going to have the seven pictures of the different priesthood ordinances hanging around the room with paper covering each one and numbered.  We'll do the attention activity on power and then discuss the power of the priesthood and the story of Christ calming the sea.  Then I'll give each kid a "quiz card" and have them rotate around to the different pictures and write the number of the picture that matches each ordinance. A similar matching game could be adapted for the younger classes who can't read yet. 

Priesthood Ordinance Quiz Cards

I always like for the kids to share personal experiences, so I'll make sure and ask them about their experiences with various ordinances and then we'll end the lesson with the lesson card and helping them learn the fifth article of faith

Lesson 17 Lesson Cards

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